You will meet an international group of dealers with dolls, accessories, supplies clothes and more.  Here is a sample of who you will find.  If you would like to join us in the salesroom, click here for an interactive PDF form.  

I hope you are making plans to join us.


    Nyo and Lyly


   Grace Szczepanic


   Linda Macario


   Bo Bergmann


   Dea Baker


   Terri Pender


   Marie Adair & Jyrus



    Ros Bellenger


   Catherine Devine


   Glenna Hartwell


   SanKwon Peter Lee


   Shelly Logue


   Alison Rasmussen


   Megann Zabel


   Cassie Leslie


   Migi Doll


   Julie Woodbury  


   Edith Schmidt


   Jamie Rist


   Peggy Hayes





   Susan Wells


   Pat Lillich