You will meet an international group of dealers with dolls, accessories, supplies clothes and more.  Here is a sample of who you will find.  If you would like to join us in the salesroom, click here for an interactive PDF form.  

I hope you are making plans to join us.


    Nyo and Lyly


   Grace Szczepanic


   Linda Macario


   Bo Bergmann


   Kori Leppart-Butts


   Dea Baker


   Terri Pender


   Dolls of Mine



    Ros Bellenger


   Catherine Devine


   SanKwon Peter Lee


   Shelly Logue


   Alison Rasmussen


   Megann Zabel


   Cassie Leslie


   Julie Woodbury


   Olga Kirillova


   Peggy Hayes


   Meagan & Patricia Lillich


   Raphael Nuri


   Susan Wells



Kish & Company                  

Toyz in the Attic

Gilda's Fabrics