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Entry Specifics
• Each entry must match the category specifics exactly, any deviation will be grounds for disqualification and will not be submitted for judging.  Recasts are never allowed. 
Click here for a copy of the rules and categories.
• Entry deadline: Submit between December 4, 2019 and March 15, 2019 – if space is available, all entries will be published in Issue 18 of the STAND on March 31.  Judging will take place in April with winners announced at PNW BJD Expo 2019.
• Enter as many dolls/items in as many categories as you want, but an individual doll can only be entered once. If a doll was produced in different colors, only one color can be submitted.
• The dolls may be made of resin, porcelain or vinyl.
• Dolls/items that you submit must have been produced and for sale between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2018.
• $15.00 for the first entry, $5.00 for each additional entry. Each will need to be entered separately. From this form you can only register your first entry.  There will be an Additional Entry form (below) for each added entry.
Entry Information – per item, per category
• Name of doll
• Height
• Material used for head and body
• Eye color & material 
• Costume description (detailed)
• Additional description
• Two pictures, one full length and one close-up
• Photographer name
Notes: Incomplete or unpaid forms will be disqualified. By submitting your items, you allow the STAND to use your photos in the magazine and for promotional materials.  
Photograph Requirements  
NOTE: THIS IS IMPORTANT! You will need to provide 2 photographs.  One full length and on close-up in front of a plain background. The photo needs to be full resolution with a quality setting of “high” or more.  Because of the large size, you will submit photos directly to – you will need to make sure your submission number is in the “subject” line.

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