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NEW 8” Eloise doll, Caucasian color 

Deposit for Eloise = $100.00 when order is placed, you will receive an order number.

Total Cost = $495.00 

After registering and paying the deposit for the doll, the balance will be $395.00.  The doll will be available when the salesroom opens at 10AM on Friday, April 27, 2018. You may pay for the doll in advance through PayPal (put your order number in comments) - or when you pick her up at the Expo.

PNW ATTENDEES and DEALERS Eloise will be a new head and hand sculpt. The body will be Connie's lulu/little red body. The dolls will be dressed in a basic underwear set and wig as shown.  Ordering is open and will stay open until the dolls are sold out.  If you have not signed up as an attendee or dealer, the order will not be processed.