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The Uncanny Dreams diorama contest is back, hosted by Jpop Dolls. Artists are invited to create and un-themed fantasy world display.  Contest entries are due by April 10, 2018 - the rules are simple:

  • Create a diorama room/setting display using dolls and/or mythical beings with accessories and your own costuming and/or customization.  
  • Dioramas may be any size. Although there is not size limit for your creation, there IS a space limitation for entries - Reserve Early!
  • Entries can be dropped off and/or built Thursday afternoon, from 6 - 9 PM
  • NOTE: you are responsible for the dolls and props that are a part of your diorama and release PNW BJD Expo from any liability. You may wish to remove, or have someone watch these items when you leave the display area.
  • Entries will be judged by a panel with cash prizes awarded to the top 2 entires at the Farewell Dinner

You will receive an entry confirmation.