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Dog 2

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ONLINE ORDERING FOR THIS TICKET IS CLOSED:  You can purchase this ticket at the door on April 25, 2019

Total Cost = $40.00

Total Cost Includes:

The evening Opening reception
All Panels and Demonstrations scheduled on Thursday April 26, 2019
Workshops and other ticketed events for Thursday are optional. 
NOTE: At this writing (Feb 28, 2019), the Salesroom will NOT be open on Thursday.  This may change, but depends on the hotel.  We will not have further details until March 18.

You will receive a confirmation. 

If you must cancel, partial refunds may be available.  No refunds will be issued after March 1, 2019.  

By processing this reservation, you and your co-exhibitors agree to the show rules and release Dolls4all and/or the Doubletree Hotel, Seattle Airport and their employees or agents against any actions, losses, costs, damages, and expenses (including attorney’s fees) from any damage to property or bodily injury to exhibitor their employees or agents by reason of occupancy or use of the exhibition facilities