The PNW BJD Expo (Pacific Northwest Ball-jointed Doll Expo) was taken over by Casie Brabham in 2021. Casie now runs the event in Portland Oregon.

Our mission is to expand the genre of BJDs through community building and friendship. In-person events allows us to expand our knowledge of ball-jointed doll artists and companies. Through this venue we hope to give artists and vendors the opportunity to grow their customer base in a professional and exciting environment.

Our goal is to be one of the most exciting doll events of the year!

Dolls: You will find dolls made of vinyl, porcelain, resin, or plastic designed with the ability to have a wide range of motion and poseability.  They are frequently used as models for customized artistic work that include costuming and photography.

PNW BJD Expo is dedicated to ball-jointed dolls, jointed model dolls and artist dolls such as BJDs, Dollfies, Pullips, Blythes, Animes, Momokos, Monster High, Obitsu …

Recast Policy: Recasts of art dolls are not allowed to be sold or displayed in any manner at the PNW BJD Expo. A recast is defined as a doll or doll parts produced from a mold created without the original artist’s written permission.  We respect artists who create dolls and will not support or promote recasting.